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Bec and I went our separate ways on Saturday evening, Bec on her Hen Night and Lauren and I to the TISKA annual dinner and dance. We all had an exciting time, here’s a family photo before we headed off.


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Lauren and I went to karate tonight, the first training session in about a month, everything aches now, I dread to think how I’ll feel in the morning.

Here’s Harrison looking distressed at being strapped into a trolley.


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That’s Dan Shown

I passed my first Dan Karate grading this afternoon. 4 and a half years of training all seemed to come together at the right time, although I ache a bit now.

Here’s a pic of my new belt and another of my new hair.



Here’s one of Harrison with his Grandad.


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1 Week To Go

By this time next week I will have completed my first dan black belt grading. I’ve got a week off to practise so hopefully it will go well. I’m feeling quite stressed about it but Harrison is still cheerful.


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I dislocated my finger at Karate yesterday and spent 2 hours in A&E getting it re-located. It’s still very painful and will hopefully recover in time for next weeks grading.


Harrison didn’t show me much sympathy.


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