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Update Time

We’ve settled into the new house.


Lauren is into taking photos of herself.


Harrison has good taste in sunglasses.


The family is all well.


The garage is looking good.



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Merry New Year

Happy New Year to everyone. Mine started off with a £10 win on the Lottery, hopefully the good luck will continue.

Here’s Harrison chilling out.

Family cuddle.

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It’s Christmas

A Merry Christmas to everyone. Here’s Lauren, Harrison, Jess and Dan taken at Mum’s this afternoon. Thanks for all the pressies and marvelous food.

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Bec and I went our separate ways on Saturday evening, Bec on her Hen Night and Lauren and I to the TISKA annual dinner and dance. We all had an exciting time, here’s a family photo before we headed off.

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Bonfire Night

A fairly quiet week except for Becky’s birthday on Wednesday. We celebrated with a meal on Tuesday evening at the Griffin in Higham as they do 2 for 1 on Tuesday’s.

Harrison has had an uneventful week except for managing to climb out of his cot Sunday afternoon and hit the floor with a thud. There’s no damage thankfully and I’ve lowered the cot now.


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Since yesterdays party we cannot find the remote control for our surround sound system. Please can you check your pockets and handbags in case it accidentally fell in.


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Cuddle Time


Here’s Bex, Lauren and Harrison enjoying a cuddle.

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