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300 (Nearly)

3 weeks ago I decided to try and cycle part of my daily commute a couple of times a week. I have now done this 5 times and by the end of the month will have covered almost 300 miles on the bike(s). One of the most difficult things was finding somewhere to park for free all day. I checked with the Market Harborough leisure centre and they couldn’t help saying the council patrol the car park, I emailed the council 4 weeks ago with no response so far. Following a colleagues suggestion I settled on a pub car park in Market Harborough that serves as access to the Brampton Valley Way cycle track. I now park up at about 06:15 and cycle the last 15.7 miles to Lutterworth. The profile is a little lumpy as all 5 villages I pass through are on higher ground.The trip home is about 10 mins quicker as Lutterworth is about 250 feet higher then Market Harborough which is a bonus after a 9 hour day.


I’ve used the carbon road bike 4 times and the titanium hybrid when the road bike had a puncture, tomorrow I am going to try using my singlespeed which could be fun. I have so far travelled 249 miles and burnt 12,500 calories this month. I hope to continue this through the summer and early autumn. I may have to buy a turbo trainer for the winter.


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Picture Test

Harrison Phillip Martin Jones

Lauren and Harrison

Specialized Tricross Flat Bar Fixie

Carrera Virago Carbon Road Bike

Trek First District Belt Drive Singlespeed

Ridgeback Flight Titanium Hybrid

Custom Oakley Jawbones

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My First Shoes

Lauren, Harrison and I popped to Fosse Park on Saturday to buy my wedding suit and we took the opportunity to have Harrison’s feet measured properly at Clarks. Here’s Lauren and Harrison playing whilst we waited.


The new bars, saddle and bar tape arrived during the week so I’ve fitted them to the bike. We spent the whole day tidying up so didn’t get a chance to ride the bike, maybe next weekend.

Bike with red saddle and Jones Loop H-Bars.


Close up of bars.


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New Project – First Ride

I took my new Ti frame hybrid out for her first spin today. Everything works and it is lovely to ride. It’s the first bike with gears I’ve ridden for 2 years and the shifters got in the way of where I wanted to put my hands for the first half.

I may buy some different bars from Jeff Jones to give me more hand positions and Rich was right, the saddle will have to be changed.


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New Project – Complete?

I finished building up the bike yesterday and today. The crank, chain, brake levers, hoses and calipers all went on and once the gears were adjusted the grips went on. I’ve had a quick test ride to get the saddle right and check the indexing and all seems good, although the brakes need bleeding.

I’ve a decent ride planned next weekend.

Here’s some pics.

Complete bike.






Front Brake


Rear Brake




My bevvie of beauties.


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New Project – Phase 2

A large box of bits arrived from chain reaction cycles yesterday and Bec collected it from the post office this afternoon. Another packet arrived with the disc rotors aswell. I now have the following parts.


Front & Rear Mechs
Bottom Bracket
Gear cables (Not really needed as the shifters come with a set but these are a funky red to match the bottle cages)
Tyres (From my Tricross)
Pedals ( From the Peugeot I sold at the weekend)

I have the disc rotor bolts and bottle cages on order and Rich is selling me a set of brake levers, hoses and calipers.

I’ve fitted some of the parts and it is starting to look like a bike now.


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New Project

I’ve bought a Titanium frameset off Ebay to build up into a nice light hybrid.

Here’s the frameset.

The new 700c disc hub wheels arrived today, so they’ve been fitted.

There’s a large box of bits from Chain Reaction Cycles on the way and Rich thinks he has a complete set of Shimano disc brakes in his cellar.

It should be complete in a couple of weeks. I will have to buy some scales to weigh it.

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Becky, Lauren and Ali all cycled to stanwick lakes this afternoon. I walked with Harrison in his new backpack baby carrier. We met up with Martyn and Ivy for a bite to eat and a drink.

We all had a run around in the play area before heading back home for a cuppa.


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The Mighty Biscuit

Richard came up yesterday as we were off to Leicester to see the mighty Half Man Half Biscuit this evening.

We did a 14 mile bike ride in the afternoon so I’m glad the venue tonight was standing only.

As usual the Biscuit were superb and as tradition dictates the support band were lousy (M J Hibbett being the exception), they were called Echolocation, my advice is avoid at all costs.

There was a photo opportunity for Richard and Harrison when we got back. Rich is modelling the now famous DPAK, de rigeur clothing for all true Biscuit officianados.


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Happy Son, Aching Daddy

Whilst Bec and Harrison were still sleeping I went for a 14 mile bike ride along the old railway line from Irthlingborough to Thrapston and back. This was the first ride I’ve done since Harrison was born.

I now have a very sore backside and aching legs. I’m sure I’ll feel worse in the morning.

Harrison is in a happy mood, as you can see from today’s photo.

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