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My First Shoes

Lauren, Harrison and I popped to Fosse Park on Saturday to buy my wedding suit and we took the opportunity to have Harrison’s feet measured properly at Clarks. Here’s Lauren and Harrison playing whilst we waited.


The new bars, saddle and bar tape arrived during the week so I’ve fitted them to the bike. We spent the whole day tidying up so didn’t get a chance to ride the bike, maybe next weekend.

Bike with red saddle and Jones Loop H-Bars.


Close up of bars.



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A Load of Balls

Here’s this weeks pic of Harrison enjoying the ball pit at Paul’s Pirates.


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Since yesterdays party we cannot find the remote control for our surround sound system. Please can you check your pockets and handbags in case it accidentally fell in.


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It was Harrison’s first birthday today, loads of people came to visit and he had some marvellous pressies. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get a pic of him smiling but it’s his party and he’ll be grumpy if he wants to.


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Three Six Five

I cannot believe it is Harrison’s birthday tomorrow, where has the year gone.

Don’t forget to look at yesterday’s post and vote for the frequency of bloggy updates you want from now on.


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Harrison had a good nights sleep and was full of energy this morning.


Harrison is 1 year old on Wednesday so I was planning to reduce the frequency of updates, what do you all think?

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New Project – First Ride

I took my new Ti frame hybrid out for her first spin today. Everything works and it is lovely to ride. It’s the first bike with gears I’ve ridden for 2 years and the shifters got in the way of where I wanted to put my hands for the first half.

I may buy some different bars from Jeff Jones to give me more hand positions and Rich was right, the saddle will have to be changed.


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