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Too Hot For Pyjamas


It’s sleep in his happy time again.


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Stop Poking…

…your tongue out at me.


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All over Harrison’s face.


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My Own Bed

I finally got back from Plymouth at 10 pm, that’s over 400 miles I’ve driven today, it’s now time for bed.

Here’s H reading a book.


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Oh Bugger

Not looking forward to todays commute home.


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Almost A Year Late

I’m off to sunny Plymouth in the morning, so instead of getting up at stupid o clock I drove to Richards house in Bath straight from Beeston.

I won’t be leaving Plymouth until 5 tomorrow evening so won’t see my little boy for 2 days. Hopefully Bec will stay up until I get back.

Rich and I are sat watching the 30th anniversary New Model Army gigs from last year. I missed the actual event as it was only 3 days after H was born, not that I’m complaining. I’d forego ever listening to NMA again if I could spend more time with Bec, Lauren and H.


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I’m Not Watching This Crap

Harrison now has control of the TV, back to back ‘In the Night Garden’ it is then.


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