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We had a quiet day today, just doing some local exploring. Lauren and I cycled to the nearest village and found a playground. We spent 45 minutes playing on the swings and things.

We popped to tesco in Tiverton to get a few bits and bobs we had forgotten, then had a lazy afternoon watching the GP.

Harrison is not settling very well in the cot provided for him, hopefully he will get better as the week progresses.


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We got to our holiday destination at 4 pm. The cottage is lovely, plenty of space and nice and clean.

I made chicken curry for tea. The advantage of cooking is that someone else does the washing up.


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Duck’s Off

Here’s Harrison nekkid in the bath. We are off on holiday tomorrow. Yippppppeeeeeeeeee!


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Last Day Tomorrow

One more day and we are off to sunny (hopefully) Devon.


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Amazing what you can pick up in the supermarkets these days.


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Forget the Kites

I don’t think taking the kites on holiday would be a good idea


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3 Days to Go

Let’s see if you can guess the title of tomorrow’s post.

Harrison has enjoyed eating his fingers today.


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4 Days to Go

Only 4 days of work left before our holiday to Devon. I’ve also got 8 days of my entitlement left for later in the year.

Harrison is now feeding himself without spilling too much.


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We bought Harrison a seat for the back of my bike and a lovely red and blue fireman bicycle helmet. It took a while for him to get used to the lid and he enjoyed the quick turn round the block.


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3D or not 3D

Becky, Lauren and I had a lovey meal this evening with Alison, Jim, Rachel and Roger to celebrate Alison’s birthday. We then went to see Harry Potter in 3D. It’s the first film I’ve seen in 3D and it was ok, not adding much to the viewing experience except mild discomfort from the glasses, I won’t be rushing to see another one.

Here’s Harrison from earlier in the week when he started standing up in his cot.


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