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We got back from our weekend in London this afternoon. We had a fantastic time. We did the London Eye, an open top bus ride, The London Dungeon, Mum and I went to see AIOTM(aiotm) and most importantly Bec and I got engaged.

Harrison was well behaved all weekend only getting a bit grizzly whilst queuing for the London Dungeon and being a bit frightened by some of the things when inside, he wasn’t the only one.

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It’s all been too much for Harrison today…


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Steve and Becky would like to announce their engagement. The question was popped at the top of the London Eye, almost at sunset, with a Haribo sweetie in lieu of the real thing as it hadn’t arrived on time.

Here’s a pic of Harrison from earlier, I will add a photo of the actual event when I get my camera attached to my PC.


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…at the railway station, don’t need a ticket for my destination, as I’m only 7 months old.


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Lovely pic of Harrison, Bex, and Ali.


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Bex’ schoolfriend Lindsey came to visit today, it’s the first time they’ve seen each other for 20 years. Harrison now has another Auntie.


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Dennis or Sue

Does Harrison look like Dennis Taylor or Sue Pollard, you decide?


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My work blackberry arrived today, it’s not been set up to sync with my email yet as I have to wait for IT to contact me and the handsfree cradle hasn’t arrived. It appears to work fine as a phone, which is a bonus.

Here’s a pic of the little man all set to go to mums and tots.


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As Bex was out last night I thought I’d catch up on Saturday’s Doctor Who. As we hadn’t sky+’d it I opted for iPlayer on the PS3, this kept buffering as we only seem to get dialup equivalent out of our broadband of an evening. I then tried to download it for iPlayer desktop but this would have taken hours. Eventually I gave up and watched Buffy whilst doing the ironing.

I started Dr Who downloading this morning when I got up as the broadband runs at about 4.5 meg at that time of day. I started watching it after dinner tonight (homemade burgers) and all was ok until it decided to start back at the beginning after 38 minutes. I then discovered you can’t just skip forward to any part but have to watch it all. I’ve come up to bed disgruntled that technology promises so much and then manages to be so frustrating.

Hopefully my new Blackberry won’t be quite so troublesome.

I’m now going to set sky+ to record this weeks Dr Who from my iPhone, which seems to be the only thing I own that works consistently.

Here’s a lovely pic of Harrison.


This blog was brought to you by a combination of the WordPress for IPhone App and my IPhone 3GS with no apparent interference from Microsoft or Sky, I’m even using 3G as the broadband is so crap.

And relax.

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Bex had an Argos reunion this evening, meeting up with colleagues she’d not seen for 14 years. A good time was has by all. Harrison spent the evening with Anne, George, Martyn and Ivy as I was not home til later.


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