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We all gathered at Ali and James’ house to watch the wedding, some of us were more interested than others.

There were plenty of photo opportunities and we chose this one.



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The Mighty Biscuit

Richard came up yesterday as we were off to Leicester to see the mighty Half Man Half Biscuit this evening.

We did a 14 mile bike ride in the afternoon so I’m glad the venue tonight was standing only.

As usual the Biscuit were superb and as tradition dictates the support band were lousy (M J Hibbett being the exception), they were called Echolocation, my advice is avoid at all costs.

There was a photo opportunity for Richard and Harrison when we got back. Rich is modelling the now famous DPAK, de rigeur clothing for all true Biscuit officianados.


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My Name Is

All this sunny weather has made my hair a little lighter.


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Our friend Claire popped round to meet Harrison this evening. We had a good catch up and a photo opportunity.


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Not Quite As Planned

I put Harrison in his activity ring this morning to see how he got on.


Not sure whether the elastic has gone in the cover or if the ring is leaking but Harrison managed to pull the cover off.


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Oh My Cot

Harrison is in his cot for the first time tonight. He didn’t settle at first until we put a night light on for him.

We popped down to see Anne and George this afternoon and Harrison had a cuddle with his Great Nan.


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It’s All Too Much

That’s Harrison’s verdict on the hot weather anyway.


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