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Sofa So Good

Harrison has taken to nodding off on the sofa in a variety of poses.


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Something Fishy

I’m sat in the Radius in Peterborough waiting for Richard Herring to come on stage. I’ll add a review later.

Here’s a pic of Harrison holding his bottle.

Richard Herring was very funny last night. A good mix of theological discussion backed up by top notch nob gags. He’s not saying he’s the next messiah, that’s for others to say. He did pick me out as his first disciple, renaming me Trevor in the process. I’m going again in May with Bex and Rich.

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I’ve remembered to do a post this evening. Harrison has been in fine voice this evening so will hopefully sleep well tonight.

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Late Additon

Whoops. Forgot the blog last night.

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Harrison has mostly been chewing his fingers this evening.

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Another Week Older

It’s Tuesday so Harrison is 1 week older, 18 now if my counting is accurate.

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Dinosaur Planet

Lauren and I are in Lee Rosy’s tea shop in Nottingham to see M J Hibbett perform the final showing of his spectacular rock opera ‘Dinosaur Planet’. Review to follow and a pic when they start.

Here’s a pic of Harrison in a lovely new outfit.

The show was hilarious. Dinosaurs attacked earth at the bidding of their giant robot masters. Dinosaur and human fell in love, joined forces and defeated the robots. ‘Iridium, Iridium. That’s how you get rid of ’em”.

All acted out using 2 policeman’s helmets, 2 army hats, 2 dinosaur masks, 2 robot heads, 2 dinosaur glove puppets, a deerstalker and a pair of glasses.

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