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You Take The High Road

I’m off to Coatbridge in the morning so I’m staying the night at Mum’s, saves a ridiculously early start in the morning.

Here’s a lovely close-up of Harrison.


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Harrison’s ewok suit that Kirstyn and Jacquie bought when he was born finally fits,  so here’s a lovely pic of him.

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I took my car to kwik-fit today as the front tyres were down to the wear limits. They told me it would be an hour and a half so Lauren and I wandered into town. Imagine my surprise when it wasn’t even started when we got back two hours later, unfortunately it is the only place I can take it and as I don’t have to pay there wasn’t much point in complaining.

My only comeback was adding them as a location on facebook and sub-titling it as ‘slow useless tyre fitters’ so if anyone else checks in there it will show up. Petty I know.

Harrison has been a good boy today, if a little dribbly.

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Harrison was weighed this week, he now weighs 15 pounds 15 ounces. For once he didn’t pee on the scales.

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Harrison is enjoying the colourful wiggly worm Kirstyn bought him.

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Tonight is my second night away this week. Bec has sent me another pic of Harrison, he managed to raise a smile for this one.

I can’t wait to get home tomorrow to see my family.

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Tonight is my first of two away this week. Bec has emailed a pic of Harrison so the blog stays up to date.

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