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After the nappy he produced earlier, Harrison doesn’t really deserve any publicity today, but I did promise to post a pic every day.

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Bath Time (Not)

We were meant to be heading off to Bath today, unfortunately Becky hasn’t been well so we couldn’t go. We will hopefully make it down at the weekend.

Harrison is now smiling on demand.

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10 Weeks Old

Harrison is ten weeks old today. Here’s a picture of him enjoying a cuddle with Lauren.

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Xmas Gift

Harrison is our best Christmas pressie, so we stuck a bow on him.

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Boxing Day

We all headed up to Mum’s in Stafford for Xmas Day No 2.

It was good to see everyone and exchange gifts and we seem to have come home with a lot more than we arrived with, mainly for Lauren and Harrison.

Harrison spent the day perfecting his Dr Evil impression.

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The Lion and His Boy

Bec had a lovely cuddly lion as a present, which we have named Aslan. He’s currently standing guard over Harrison.

Christmas has pretty much passed Harrison by, next year he will be more aware.

Great Nana has had the chance to feed little one today.

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Harrison doesn’t appear to be too excited by his first Christmas Eve. His cold doesn’t seem to be affecting him too badly. He’s currently having a conversation with great Nana.

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Fever Pitch

Harrison developed a temperature of 37.9 degrees this afternoon. After calling NHS direct Bec was advised to take him to the doctors. I nipped out of work early so I could go with them. It’s nothing serious, he’s just caught the same cold we’ve had the past 2 weeks. As he’s a sturdy little boy he’s allowed calpol, so one dose later and he seemed a lot better. Hopefully he will be well over Christmas.

I’ve one more day of work left then a week off, can’t wait.

Harrison ready to visit the doctor.

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Rosy Cheeks

Harrison is a bit rosy cheeked tonight, hopefully he’s not getting Becky’s bug.

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Week 9

Harrison was 9 weeks old today, he’s doing really well, eating lots, smiling and laughing all the time and still sleeping through.

Bex is still suffering. 2 of her friends that she met up with on Saturday night also have it so I may be off the hook as being the source.

I’ve done all my wrapping of pressies, just got 3 days of work to get through and the pressure of cooking Xmas dinner for everyone (well 5 of us). Once that’s done I can enjoy my week off.

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