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Hallowe’en Spirit (Not)

We saw this outfit and couldn’t resist it.

We’ve spent the evening ignoring trick and treaters, buy your own bloody sweets.

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We all gathered at George and Anne’s today to say goodbye to Bex’s Dad as he is off to China for several months.

Martyn’s last meal in England was traditional fish & chips. It was also my first full fat takeaway for 17 weeks and was thoroughly enjoyable, although I did feel sullied and unusual afterwards.

Great Grandad George also had his first cuddle.

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Busy Day

I was out early today to pick up a van to help Becky’s Dad clear out his house.

We seem to have gained a full transit load of furniture and other various items, the highlights being the 3 seater leather reclining sofa I am currently relaxing on and a wireless printer which I can print to direct from my iPhone.

Sunday will probably be spent sorting it all out.

Today, Harrison has mostly been drinking milk and occasionally projectile vomiting it over Bex and I. Here is today’s photo. Not sure why he looks so grumpy as he had recently been fed and changed.

I should also show you all the next photo that Bex took when she was in labour.

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Lauren came to visit today after spending most of the half-term week with her Nan.

Gave us the chance to have a family photo.

Nanny also got the chance to have another cuddle with Harrison.

On another subject, I have reached my target weight of 12 stone on the Pierre Dukan diet I have been following since the 14th June. It’s now time to move on to phase 3 which will last for 245 days which is the 30th June 2011. Wish me luck.

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1 Week Old

Harrison is 1 week old today.

He’s started to settle down at night so Bex and I are starting to get some sleep.

We’ve had loads of cards and pressies from everyone.

Harrison modelling one of his new outfits.

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Harrison had his Heel Prick Test today. The midwife jabs a needle into the heel and squeezes out 4 drops of blood for a variety of tests.

He screamed for a bit but soon settled down and seems to have made a full recovery.

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