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As a reward for passing her 1st Kyu Intermediate Karate grading, Lauren has had her ears pierced. She didn’t even flinch when it was done.

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iPhone App Test

Quick test of WordPress iPhone App.

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Becky, Kirstyn and Bump

Photo of Becky, Kirstyn and Bump. Taken in Brighton, August bank holiday week.

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Scan Pictures

First and Second Scan Pictures

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Giving Up

Well I tried to set this up on my own pc, all to no avail. I’d like to think a dynamic IP address and web forwarding were to blame but it is probably down to incompetence linked with a lack of understanding.

I’ve decided to set it up on wordpress.com, took 5 minutes as opposed to the 3 evenings I’d spent tinkering.

This is mainly a test post with a pic attached to test all the features.

Pic is of Lauren modelling my flat-barred, fixed-gear Specialized Tricross, now with a lovely pink horn (Lauren decided the blue one would look better on her bike.)

As stated in the ‘About’ section this blog is designed to chart the progress of our family, new and old, during the first year of our new baby’s life.

Next post will probably be a panicked one when labour starts!

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