A few weeks ago a friend posted on Facebook that too many friends were dying, and it got me thinking; I am approaching the age (nearly 47) when the genetically unlucky and the ones who have over indulged (drink, drugs, food – take your pick) will start shuffling off. As one of the over indulged, mainly food in my case, I have made a decision that I don’t intend to be first, unless of course I am genetically unlucky.

My weight has nearly reached 17 stone (NSFW photo below) and even at the upper end of the acceptable BMI scale I need to lose nearly 5 stone. At 2 pounds a week that’s 35 weeks of steady weight loss and then a more healthy lifestyle forever.

I have started eating differently by going high fat, low carb, firstly because it can work well where cycling is concerned and secondly there’s nothing like a fad diet to get me focused.

The aim is to reduce carbs to less than 20 g a day, protein to 1 -1.5 g per Kg of body weight and the rest of my calories from fat – olive oil, butter, cheese and fatty meats. The theory is that your body stops relying on carbs for energy and uses fat, either the fat you have consumed, or if you are in a calorie deficit, the fat in your body. On long bike rides I do not need to keep eating energy bars (they’re far too chewy) or gels (like sucking off a tellytubby), I can just eat normally and get the rest of my energy from my fat stores. I tested this on Sunday and did 42 miles (about 1000 calories) after eating just 30 g of cheddar (about 120 calories) and I didn’t suffer any more than usual. I got home about 14:00 and didn’t feel the need to eat until 16:30 and then didn’t eat again in the evening.

I’ve done nearly 2 weeks already and I have lost about 10 pounds; this will be mainly down to fluids but if I keep up the cycling and watch the calories I should manage 2 pounds per week. My energy levels are good and my appetite has definitely reduced as I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with no desire to eat in between.

The best thing about this new eating regime – Bacon and Cheese for breakfast tomorrow.

Scroll down if you want to see me in just shorts, my tummy looks like a pallid muffin. I won’t be posting a weekly pic, maybe once every 3 months.

Here’s a picture of a nice bike. 










Last chance to scroll back up.










I did warn you.

I have been reading up lately on the benefits of working whilst stood up. They include weight loss, improved posture and other health gains.

After dropping numerous hints and directly asking for a standing desk at work I decided to bite the bullet and build my own by following some simple steps from this site

I bought the parts lat week and built the desk on Friday. I left it until about 14:30 this afternoon and then installed my new standing desk attachment and used it for the last 2 1/2 hours of the day.

First impressions are

1. I feel very conspicuous in the office.

2. Everyone in the office thinks they’re a comedian.

3. It feels quite natural and I felt better at the end of the day than I did at the start.

4. It will take some time to get used to it so I will use it tomorrow morning until it gets too much and try again on Friday.

Here’s a couple of pics.

The setup.

Me looking studious.


Full Circle

I’ve had a good month for cycling, just under half a mile short of 360 miles. I will start August off with my daily commute and I have 2 weeks off at the end of the month so may even top 400.


300 (Nearly)

3 weeks ago I decided to try and cycle part of my daily commute a couple of times a week. I have now done this 5 times and by the end of the month will have covered almost 300 miles on the bike(s). One of the most difficult things was finding somewhere to park for free all day. I checked with the Market Harborough leisure centre and they couldn’t help saying the council patrol the car park, I emailed the council 4 weeks ago with no response so far. Following a colleagues suggestion I settled on a pub car park in Market Harborough that serves as access to the Brampton Valley Way cycle track. I now park up at about 06:15 and cycle the last 15.7 miles to Lutterworth. The profile is a little lumpy as all 5 villages I pass through are on higher ground.The trip home is about 10 mins quicker as Lutterworth is about 250 feet higher then Market Harborough which is a bonus after a 9 hour day.


I’ve used the carbon road bike 4 times and the titanium hybrid when the road bike had a puncture, tomorrow I am going to try using my singlespeed which could be fun. I have so far travelled 249 miles and burnt 12,500 calories this month. I hope to continue this through the summer and early autumn. I may have to buy a turbo trainer for the winter.


Picture Test

Harrison Phillip Martin Jones

Lauren and Harrison

Specialized Tricross Flat Bar Fixie

Carrera Virago Carbon Road Bike

Trek First District Belt Drive Singlespeed

Ridgeback Flight Titanium Hybrid

Custom Oakley Jawbones

2 Years Old

Harrison is 2 years old today. He had loads of visitors today and lots of presents. We have a small party to look forward to tomorrow. 3 of his friends from nursery are coming so I need to find some earplugs.


Update Time

We’ve settled into the new house.


Lauren is into taking photos of herself.


Harrison has good taste in sunglasses.


The family is all well.


The garage is looking good.


A Cunning Stunt

Harrison has started standing up on the seat of his Little Tikes car, a career in stunt work may be beckoning.


And Back In The Room

I suppose I better post a picture, life has been very busy the past few weeks so any chance for a snooze is taken.


Here’s a recent pic of Bex and Ali.


Lauren has been impersonating a Star Wars Super Battle Droid.



Show Me Your Teeth

Whilst Harrison has been suffering with a cold and cough for the last few weeks he has also managed to cut 5 new teeth, 4 of them molars.


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